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Recently set up to offer our customers a more assured and cost manageable alternative, AIRLOAD has extensively ventured into the supply of transportation services to add on to our already comprehensive service package.

On-Time Trucking to / from Customer / Airfreight

Trucks are strategically deployed to cover most local areas so that response time in picking up cargo is shortened.

Fixed Daily Route Trucking from Airfreight

With the fixed delivery route in place, advice on delivery status and forecast will be more accurate.

Multiple Trips Delivery / Collection Run

In order to cater for the same-day urgent freight shipment, there would be multiple trips planned and are made available at all times.

Advance Loading of Shipment for Next-Day Delivery

In order to improve responsiveness and delivery run scheduling, advance loading onto the trucks is practiced.

Dedicated Traffic Controller

Our dedicated traffic supervisor will handle all arrangements and movements of the trucks. At the same time, he is assisted by an administrative assistant to ensure all documents are in order and are submitted to customer on time for updating and POD purposes.

Easy and Fast Communication System

Our drivers are equipped with walkie-talkie sets for easy and fast communication as well as cargo tracking purposes. Mobile phones shall serve as the secondary or back-up channel of communications as well as in cases of contingency.

Online / Short Message Services (SMS) Tracking System via GPS

Real-time tracking will enable close monitoring of vehicles movements for immediate response to customers’ enquiries and cargo tracking purposes.

Online Proof of Delivery (POD)

With the GPS in place, SMS and electronic mail as POD are now available upon request of customers. Further development to integrate this system with our customers’ system is possible too.

24 Hours / 7 Days

We provide round-the-clock services with our one-stop solution centre. Our supervisors are always easily contactable at any time via mobile phones. By having key personnel readily available at all times, this offers flexibility and hence convenience to our customers.


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