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Airload Pte Ltd incorporated in year 2005 July, Airload Pte Ltd has been highly regarded for its expertise as a service provider of ground handling, warehousing and transportation services.

Airload Pte Ltd provides successful outsourced one solution to business seeking qualified and capable resources delivering efficient and timely manners.

Today, Airload has become a trusted partner in providing outsources services to companies in the logistics, airfreight and services sectors. Key benefits reported by satisfied clients.

  • Better able to focus on core business
  • Increased ability to control and reduce cost
  • Improved control and predictability on performance
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity
  • Improved brand image through engagement of professional staff
  • Flexibility in customizing operational needs.

Organizations like us are dynamic, aggressive and focused in every aspect of the service management, unlike similar organization; they depend on their manpower agency to manage their manpower resource. We are more personalized and able to attend to any issues expeditiously customizing to our client’s requirements.

Airload is totally committed in customer value enhancement and aspires to provide a single-stop logistics services for all our customers in the long run by offering customized and comprehensive cargo management service packages.



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