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AIRLOAD emphasizes on rendering varied services to customers. Besides lifting, positioning, crating and unpacking services, we also offer:

Import Terminal and Freight Agent Clearance

AIRLOAD has been providing seamless terminals clearance operations for the past seven years.

Export Transfer, Build-Up Pallet (BUP) for ULD and Chartered Aircraft Pallet

Our vast knowledge of and experiences in various ULD pallet sizes from different aircrafts have prepared us well in any kind of BUP for export purposes as well as for loading onto chartered aircraft. Free towing of BUPs by our tractors is available too. By having dedicated 6-tonne trucks roaming in Changi FTZ, fast transfer of export shipments to airlines’ terminals before cut-off time are made possible.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Under the Warehouse Management, AIRLOAD shall undertake the responsibility of managing customers’ warehouses in an efficient and effective manner.

Under unforeseen circumstances, temporary storage space is available at all times. Manpower and equipment will be supplied to receive and release cargo.

Forklifts and pallet-jacks are also available to handle cargo more competently. Packing and unpacking services are made available as well.

Details of our air frieght centre are as follow: Warehouse CAB'E' 2400 sq ft, office 600sq ft, warehouse megaplex 6000sq ft with an office 200 sq ft.

Cargo survey services, either independently or jointly, are possible. Full documentation support will be provided.


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