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In our relentless drive to offer value-added services to our customers, AIRLOAD has adopted the following strategic focus to bring the company to the next higher level of service:

Proficiency Improvement of Employees

  • In terms of language proficiency, all employees must be able to speak and write English. All support staff must be computer literate as well.
  • All supervisors will possess and be trained in supervisory skills.
  • All drivers are to take up defensive driving and forklift handling courses.
  • All staff must adhere to workplace safety, health and security guidelines, regulations and procedures at all times and be aware of emergency procedures.

International Organization of Standardization (ISO) Certification

  • So as to raise the level of quality, reliability, safety and efficiency as well as provide economical cost benefits for our customers.
  • So as to create a standard framework for total quality management in all the processes of our business and to deliver effective services to our customers.
  • So as to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customers’ requirements and applicable regulatory requirements as well as to continually improve performance in this regard.



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